2502 Doylesville Road, Richmond, Kentucky 40475
Pastor James Hardin
Assoc. Pastor David King
Today is Saturday, December  20, 2014
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What's Happening

A Place for Bible Study...
We are studying through Revelation every Sunday night! Come join us at 6:00.

Youth Ministry
Our youth program is for ages 12-18 or middle through high school. They have many activities planned each month and have there on devotionals on Sunday nights at 6:00.

Christ Video

Message from our Pastor or Associate Pastor
Sickness is running rampant throughout our community as many are suffering from severe colds, bronchitis and sinus infections. I want to encourage our folks to remember to keep their health a top priority. Take the essential and necessary steps when feeling ill. Get to the doctor in order that you may be properly diagnosed and not play doctor yourself in trying to make personal diagnoses. Let's all help keep the health of our community and church at the peak of wellness.

Throughout this week, let me encourage each of us to check on those who are ill. Making a phone call to the ill is a huge encouragement to them. If you can drop by for a visit, well that is even better. It is a reminder to them that they are missed when they aren't at church and a reminder to us how fragile life can be from time to time.

We are continuing through the Kyle Idleman study, "The Christmas Experience." This has been so encouraging to congregation as it has truly brought our eyes off the scene of Christmas gift giving and receiving and place our focus back on the real meaning of Christmas. The study has taken us through the experience of 400 years of silence, the eyes of Mary, and the eyes of Joseph. I know for me, the series has caused me to think about the things I never thought about before. Things like, How did Mary's parents react to Joseph and Mary when they found out she was pregnant? How did the people treat them once it was common knowledge? How dirty was the manger when they arrived to the scene? What was the pressure like for this couple who were told you will give birth to God's only Son?

All of these questions burn within me now as I focus on the "Christmas Story" that is a real part of our lives. And I find myself looking deeper into the word as I seek in wonder and amazement. This is so much more exciting for me as I consider how this played out in a time when no one had heard from God in 400 years and now the Savior is about to come into the world. God with us!

What about for you? Are you looking at the commercialism of this time of the year or is it truly about a "Holyday" and not a holiday? My prayer for each one who finds themselves reading this posting is that you will find that CHRIST is the real reason for Christmas. Without Him, this would simply be just another day that the world stops working and people just grow to despise.

The following events will be taking place at our church and everyone is invited to attend and PARTICIPATE.

Kit Carson Hand Chimes and Choir
Sunday, Dec. 7th @ 11:00AM

The Christmas Experience Bible Study
Sunday Nights @ 6:00PM
Through Dec. 14

Christmas Play/Musical Practice
Each Saturday 4 - 6 PM
Through Dec. 20

Christmas Advent
Each Sunday Morning Nov. 30 - Dec 24

Hanging of the Green
Nov. 30 @ 7:00 PM

Christmas Eve Service
Dec 24 @ 7:00 PM

Watch Night Service
Dec. 31 @ 6 - 9 PM

Make plans now to be a part of your church family during the weeks ahead!

In Christ,

Bro. James
Church History (Complete History)
Union City Baptist Church was established as a church in 1812. We have a long and dedicated service to the community in which it serves. Our church is a member of the Tates Creek Baptist Association as well as the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. 
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Psalms 23:1
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. - KJV
ABC's of Salvation
Accept - Romans 3:23
Believe - John 3:16
Confess - Romans 10:9-10

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WMU Night Circle 6:00PM

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Christmas Play/Musical Practice 4:00PM

Sunday School 10:00AM
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Discipleship Training 6:00PM
PM Worship Service 7:00PM
Youth Meeting 6:00PM
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Kit Carson Hand Chimes and Choir 11:00AM

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Christmas Play/Musical Practice 4:00PM


Sunday School 10:00AM
AM Worship Service 11:00AM
Discipleship Training 6:00PM
PM Worship Service 7:00PM
Youth Meeting 6:00PM
Finance Committee Meeting 7:00PM
The Christmas Experience Bible Study 6:00PM




Prayer Meeting 7:00PM




Christmas Play/Musical Practice 4:00PM


Sunday School 10:00AM
AM Worship Service 11:00AM
Discipleship Training 6:00PM
PM Worship Service 7:00PM
Youth Meeting 6:00PM




Prayer Meeting 7:00PM
Christnas Eve Service 7:00PM




Morning Pointe 7:00PM


Sunday School 10:00AM
AM Worship Service 11:00AM
Discipleship Training 6:00PM
PM Worship Service 7:00PM
Youth Meeting 6:00PM